Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Banana with Crazy Eyes! and some new roots...

At lunch today I attempted to draw a leaf and my phone (and phone 'charm': the banana with crazy eyes!) I got too hot sitting in the sun so I quit.
When I got home I drew the African Violet cutting that I just planted. (given to me by Mo at work). It had grown roots!
Hmmm, could have worked the leaf a bit more. It's not quite as dark as it should be. And looks like the pot isn't sitting on the table completely...a shadow issue?
I do like working with the soft pencil tho.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Too much TV and a pear

Hello again friends. I gotta lie down; I don't feel too hot...fighting something off I guess.

I started drawing while I was watching part of the Emmy's tonight but got bored with the TV and again wished I had a big globby paint brush... I guess I sorta gave up on it.
To make up for it I drew a pear which I then ate. Delicious! My ballpoint pen leaked a bit and smeared. Bad choice of drawing tool.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Green pen in the kitchen

Today I spent a little longer stretch on it but also drew something more complicated. I feel like some bits got a more attention than others... or... it's difficult to give the whole drawing the same level of detail. I still feel like I need more patience. In time, grasshopper...

Ha ha, looks like the table is sloping down on the left.

the Start of a sketch

I got invited to Teatro ZinZanni tonight and since I didn't have a chance to draw anything at work I tried to draw while I was waiting for my friend Kim to show up. I started drawing the lobby while it was fairly empty but almost immediately it filled up with people, blocking my view of the nice lady in the purple sweater sitting on the bench.
Then Kim showed up so I didn't get very far at all. and now too tired. must sleep.....
The show was great btw. (Especially for free). Thanks friend of Kim's!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drawing an old bear.

I think I learned something today. Drawing takes time!
and it's not such a good idea to get goin' on it 15 minutes before bed time. Tomorrow is Friday and I see myself finding time at work to draw. Heh heh. More fun than work.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drawing on BART

Tried to draw my bike saddle on BART on my way home from work. Not too happy with it. I used a mechanical pencil because I thought it would be more forgiving on a moving vehicle. I had some trouble with the perspective but I'll just pretend I did it on purpose, Cezanne-style... you can see the top and underneath at the same time. Erg...
The ride was not long enough to complete it. When I got home I doodled a snail. Eyes on stalks!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today I draw a banana!

Ok so I'm at work and I look around my messy desk and see among other things a banana and I start sketching it on a post-it with a ball point pen cuz that's what I have in hand and then I realize I've run out of room on the 'page' so I finish the end of the banana on another post-it.
I start to put a little time into it, so the two yellow sheets get taped into my tiny pad.

I was a little worried that my boss would come by and see me drawing instead of working. I guess it's better than surfing the net...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ok! Day Two.

August 23rd, 2010

Today I went out to lunch (during my Berkeley work day) with Lauren and I drew another still life. A cool glass of water accompanied by my sunglasses and a small glass salt dish. A bit of a challenge for a quick drawing with a pen! Oh how I wish I had gobs of paint!
The lunch was great, however. We went to 900 Graten and I ate some kinda delicious veggie ravioli and an agua fresca: watermelon! Perfect for the first day of SF Bay summer.

Anyway, here's the drawing. Practice makes me a little bit better!

Somehow I have become a follower of my own blog. Not sure how that happened, clicked on the wrong thing er somethin'. How embarrassing!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Drawing or so every Day or so for a Year!

My friend Jenny Oh gave me this idea while we rode south on the Pacific Coast Highway to Ventura:
do something (the same thing) everyday for a year. Like ride yer bike or eat bacon or draw.

It's August 22, 2010 and today I drew.
My plan is to learn to draw (better). Got through art school with a mediocre ability. I'll start with a still life or two and go from there. I will post the drawings even if they suck. :) No judgments!
I hope we will note a change in my abilities as time goes on. The first (two) drawings I attempted today gave me a case of the nerves, but here they are: both done in about 20 minutes, both ink on paper. The green one is actually the second of the two but bloggy blog mixed them up...